Promoting Equality at Work


employment advocacy Services


Why Choose Us?

We provide a unique service that seeks to represent and promote employee rights. Our fundamental goals are to share HR advice and recommend dispute resolutions. We work independently of employment lawyers because countless problems at work rarely requires one.

Choosing us gives you access to your very own impartial HR expert.

Advice & Support

WE provide advice and support to employees experiencing conflict, inequality or difficulties at work.

YOU gain impartial HR advice relating to your personal situation and your rights clarified. Based on 20 years experience of resolving workplace disputes; we are confident that we can successfully bring your work crisis to a close.

training & Tools

We also deliver training programmes geared at sharing knowledge, techniques and advice on how to successfully navigate your way around complex terms & conditions of work .

free consultation call

Due to the sensitivity of our services you can ARRANGE a consultation call using our online scheduler.



To provide an alternative & complimentary solution to resolving workplace disputes.

To promote inclusive and diverse work cultures


To actively partner with employees to resolve work disputes, translate HR process, clarify employee rights, advise on conflict resolutions and challenge inequality at work
To partner with relevant organisations, and raise awareness of best approaches to resolving personal challenges at work

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