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Why Choose Us?

WE are a dynamic company with a VISION; to support employees experiencing conflict, inequality or difficulties at work.

YOU want impartial HR advice relating to your personal situation and your rights clarified, this is where HR-IS can help. We are confident that our support will make a difference to your circumstances, and base this opinion on the 20 years HR professional experience spent successfully resolving a range of workplace disputes.



Following your initial consultation you will have peace of mind knowing that you are better informed about your options.

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To advocate on employee’s behalf for a fair resolution to workplace disputes.

To reach a conclusive end to stressful work situations ahead of the requirement for legal intervention


To partner with employees in the role of disputes mediator, translating HR process, clarifying employee rights, advising on conflict resolutions and preparing documentation as required
To partner with organisations and raise awareness of the impact of inequality at work


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